Calstock boatyard

Up The River Ltd

Calstock Boatyard is tucked away in the heart of the Tamar Valley, Cornwall. We are a family run boatyard situated on the banks of the River Tamar.

Storage – Moorings – Repairs – Art spaces

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Services we offer

Haul out and storage ashore for boats  up to 36′ and 12 tonnes.

Annual and visitors moorings

100% Green Electricity – Water – Free Wifi

WC – Shower – Laundry – Galley Coffee Stop

100% renewable energy

Working towards net zero in 2022

We are currently working out how we can reduce our Co2 emmisions to net zero. This is something all business’s and homes will have to do in the not too distant future to protect our planet. By working out where our carbon emmisions are generated and finding solutions – some to be built upon, we hope to be as close as possible to net zero by the end of 2022.

100% renewable energy

100 percent green energy

Our electricity we buy from our energy supplier is certified to be fully renewable. The power is from solar, wind, hydro and wave energy. This is a step we can all take to help move the energy markets in the right direction.

Recycling and repair in mind

Recycling comes naturally

Being a DIY boatyard we are always looking for ways to complete a task with the environment in mind. We try to buy second hand where possible, repurpose materials and pass on what is not needed. This is something we love to do so it’s not even a chore.





9 miles up river from the Tamar Bridge

Enjoy the views as you cruise up from the sea. Slipping through the beautiful Aonb with Devon to starboard and Cornwall to port.

See seals, kingfishers, osprey, salmon, otters and even the occasional mythical beaver.

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