Boatyard Services

Haul out or launch each way: Monday-Friday

Up to and including 24′          £70 + £25 pressure wash

25′ to 29′                                    £80 + £30 pressure wash

30′ to 35′                                    £90 + £35 pressure wash

35’+                                             £100 + £40 pressure wash

 Wash prices charged x2 for heavily fouled boats (slipway clearing)

Additional charge if towing away  £25

Moving a boat on the yard 50% launch fee

Delivery or pickup from mooring      £17.50

Slipway use for a self launch/recovery    £17.50

Launching/recovering a boat from customers trailer    £30

Weekend hauling and launching, yard work and river assistance is rate and a half


Storage ashore                        £0.95p per foot per week

Storage undercover                £1.20 per foot per week

Please contact us for a storage price if you are planning refit work beyond routine maintenance. Storage is min 1 month charge.

Propping and chocking          £45 one off charge

Boat stands each per month £2.50

Erecting owners cradle           £30

Small boat storage                  £40 per month

(boat must be easily moveable by one person on a trailer or price per foot applies)

Dingy storage for mooring access                         £10 per month

Dingy storage for general use                                £20 per month

Mast storage                                                              £15 per month

Trailer storage                                                           £10 per month

All minimum 1 month charge

Boatyard support:

Yard assistance                                                   £25 per hour

Maintenence and repairs labour charge       £30 per hour

River assistance  (£30 minimum charge)    £30 per hour

Non metered electricity connection              £2.50 per day

Use of own jetwash £5 to cover water and/or electricity per hour

Free fibre wifi available in the boatyard


Boatyard mooring for boats stored with us in winter   £475

Boatyard mooring for boats who winter elsewhere      £525

Monthly mooring (if available)                                        £1.25 per foot per week

Kayak Storage

January to January £50 per slot (not available pro rata)

We accept most payment cards in the office, cheque or bank transfer

All prices are subject to Vat at 20% – Vat number 359518266

Charges are applied monthly in advance. Payment must be made in full before launching. Please read our terms of business